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Sunday, November 13, 2011


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Aren't moms the greatest? Thank you for sharing, Stephanie. I think that we all have a little Wonder Woman in us. Thanks for the reminder.

Randy Roddam

This is you, "Wonder Women"
, as you see yourself : ) I just know you would be there when someones in need! That magic lasso can do you wonders, even when all else fails, especially in Photoshop : ) ! I think this super hero also fits well with your two boys, as I see them fighting against the dark side of the forces! I have a few nicknames I call my self too: 1. Birdman-as I keep two tropical male parrots, from two separate continents (Kiwi-A Meyer's Parrot, from Africa, and Lane-A Blue Crown Conure, from South America) 2. Dogcatcher- a 11 meter (CB) tag, which your father's wife's daughter's husbands/boyfriends knew me as in the late 80's. (Nora/Michelle's men) Last, but not least, the end of my Ham call "ERY". Not disclosing my whole call, to keep my sence of privacy too! Love Don's "MO"! Keep being the wonderful women you are to your family, friends! We all appreciate you, wonder woman : )

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