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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


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Cheryl, Castro Valley, CA

OK, so I've seen pictures of me between 6-18 months. I was fat. What the hell? That's my Ideal I? My mom said I wouldn't eat very much, so she just fed me a little bit a lot of all the time. I was only 4 lbs when I was born, so I guess she figured I needed to catch up.

I think I'm done looking for Ideal I from the baby mirror. Been there, done that. Now I think I'm looking for Ideal I that I see in my mind's eye. God help me because that bitch is probably too perfect to ever really exist! LOL! Clearly, I need a new Ideal I.

Or maybe I should just take more pictures and let my friends tell me how wonderful I am. ;-)


Hahaha! I don't know if I totally buy this idea of perfection being set in infancy, though maybe there's something to it. I made a point to take a great picture of me with Adam this weekend--while we were so pretty--just to make a point.

And pictures or no, you're amazing! You're one of those women who can boost me when I really need it. I'm so incredibly thankful to have that group of you in my life!

Vincent Davis

How a person looks should neither be judged nor talked about negatively. It's important to look good because what a person does or how a person looks reflects his personality. But nobody's perfect, you know.

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