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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


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Cheryl, Castro Valley, CA

This reminded me of my best friend. She can also be loud, boisterous, hysterically witty and fun to be around. (I admit it, I've stolen some of her funny one liners. They were just too good not to share.)

In the past few years she has found and begun to use her voice that tells people it's not OK to treat her badly and that she will no longer turn the other cheek, smile and pretend you didn't just say mean and hurtful things. The voice that says what she wants and believes that she does deserve good things in her life. Yeah, she's gotten a little badass and I love it. She is a wonderfully caring, loyal and devoted friend who truly does deserve all the best life has to offer. She has a beautiful heart and soul and would give you the shirt off her back if you needed it. She's one of the best people I know! She is one of my Secret Keepers and I am honored to be one of hers.

Steph, I haven't known you very long and we haven't even met in person (I know, you didn't know this, right?). Some people would say that means I don't know you at all and maybe they are right (it is the internets after all). But I'm guessing you have a lot of those same qualities, too, hiding behind those big sunglasses. The more I read your blog, Steph, the more I understand why I like you so much!

Also, you know, uh, there's the added bonus, a minor fact really, that when you have boisterous, mouthy friends they tend to say out loud what you're thinking anyway but don't have the courage to say yourself. (*insert nervous laughter here*) Yep, I'm lurking right behind you ready to say "Yeah! What she said!" LOL!


I *love* it when you comment. You always make me feel like I have done something right. I hope you add me to your list of tall, bossy friends, and I will be more than happy to kick someone in the shins, very loudly, if you ever need it!


Your voice is inspiring me. Having read some of your blog posts (and you have so much going on I get a little dizzy on your sites) it has helped me in my search to excavate my own buried voice and to question myself a bit deeper and with more honesty. I think you are very brave.



Thank you! That's so kind! I know I can be a little frenetic, and I was reminded this weekend that I'm a little intense, both of which can be double-edged. I really appreciate your reading my stuff and letting me know that it touches you. That means the world to me.

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