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Monday, February 21, 2011


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Cheryl, Castro Valley, CA

"I remember Chad Taylor tweeting during the writing and recording process that they were writing a slow song so "your girl can cum too". (Several female fans all said to Hell with that--the rock is what gets them off. Very animus.)"

Haha! I remember this, too! I was in Costco at the time and I my response to that was: "We don't need no stinkin' ballads!"

Of course, I love the ballads anyway.

Aside from the obvious fact that they are all very talented musicians, I think the reason this masculine album draws women in is the fact that it brings all of the male aspects that we, as women, love and crave (either as a part of ourselves or in a mate), and none of the bullshit male ego parts that we deplore.

I think their music evidences an overall comfort not only in their status as men, but their abilities as musicians and the fact that they aren't just good men, fathers, husbands, musicians, but they are good people. Gracious people. That self-confidence allows them to leave ego at the door and create music from a much deeper place. And THAT, in my opinion, transcends all gender.


All so true, Cheryl!

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